Vienna 1st District
GMMK Foto Elisabeth Mayr-Keber , Gert M. MAYR-KEBER ZT-GmbH. Chefbereich eines Schmuckhändlers 1986

Rooms on the first floor of an old building in the Vienna inner city were to be adapted and designed as management area for a jewellery dealer. An entrance zone with waiting area and a conference table for up to twelve persons was to be provided in front of a director´s office.

Certain contrasts were conceived with the intention of creating an atmospheric differentiation of the director´s office from the entrance zone, employing lights, materials and acoustic measures specifically chosen for the various activities, and also varying design patterns.

 Together with the partially suspended ceiling a wall bridges the rooms, neutralizing the existing non-uniform structure of the premises and thus permitting a rearrangement of the room order. Rendered massive by block-like, stony design, this spatially-dominant element pursues the concept described above and forms a plastically-documented borderline between  the two areas already mentioned.

A tiny room like a casket is created in the passage, enabling the penetration of the wall to form an individual spatial experience strengthened by the illusory ceiling image conveyed here, which is only recognizable in its entirety in a mirror.