Housing Project in Simmering
Vienna, 11th District
2006 - 2010
GMMK , Foto: Elisabeth Mayr-Keber . Gert M. MAYR-KEBER ZT GmbH . Wohnhaus Familienwohnbau 2006-2010

The estate from Simmeringer Hauptstrasse to Rinnböckstrasse is a continuous empty lot which has a width of slightly over 18 metres. The possible development potential was up to a construction depth of 12 metres, therefore there was a distance of circa 11 metres between the constructible surfaces. The more elevated Simmeringer Hauptstrasse was fixed according to the zoning as Bauklasse II (building class II – Vienna Building Code), while Rinnböckstrasse was Bauklasse III (building class III - Vienna Building Code).

For the optimization of the development structure the object at hand provides for only one staircase whereupon two floors of the second part of the building respectively are made accessible via the court on the one hand and via a bridge on the other.

The residential building offers two housing units per floor and element which were floor space optimized by means of oriel extensions.

Because of the constriction of the inner-court and the strong shading of these open areas revegetation of the court-area was foregone. The open areas on the first floor – between the office premises and element Rinnböckstrasse – are assigned to the adjoining units as private residential courts.

In the upper part of the court on both sides of the connecting path to the staircase there are generally usable areas located as first and foremost play- and romp-areas for toddlers and meeting place for the residents. Some parts here are residential terraces.

The revegetation is achieved by planters, furthermore the revegetation of the existing fire-proof wall is contemplated.

On the façade Simmeringer Hauptstrasse a photovoltaic system was mounted which covers the basic demand of the staircase-lighting.