Vienna, 22nd District, Attemsgasse 49
2005 - 2008
GMMK . Gert M. Mayr-Keber ZT GmbH . Wohnanlage BUWOG 2005-2008

A T-shaped construction, towards Attemsgasse as a closed construction, was provided by building regulations. On Attemsgasse the living situation is “urban”, which transforms towards the back into a tranquil park-site defined by green spaces that is determined by the directly attached EPK-areas.

Designation-wise the estate is linked with a second one and forms a constructive entity with a common underground garage.

Based on the admissible constructability the estate yields six main-floors with an attic-floor, whereupon the street-facing wing does not offer housing units on the ground floor.

In the street facing wing only flats are planned, while the court facing part is structured with stacked maisonette-apartements. Street-side an attempt is made to individualize the scale and gain identity by clear articulation of the pedestal area and formation of unevenly-sized, colour-accented oriels.

The theme “oriel” in the street picture is effective as accentuation of the façade, the oriel in the court-wing is a direct expression of the inside spaces towards the outside and vice versa. In addition, the spatial superelevation of the building element forms a transparent, plastic façade towards the green area, which documents the opening of the two-floor high part of the inner space.

While the already above mentioned architectural approach transmits the holistic conception of the housing block, the type of the housing unit indicates the status of the living quality of the resident.

In this project a type mixture not only via unit-size, but also via a coexistence of different dwelling-forms will be achieved. That way the ground-floor units get gardens, the flats get balconies or the attic-apartements get terrace-space.

For the residents an array of special measures was taken:

  • Community rooms
  • Varied free-areas
  • Greater heights between floors
  • Daylight in the stairwell
  • Safety-related measures, like women-friendly garage or visible baby stroller- and bicycle-storage rooms.