Housing Estate Thürnlhof-West
Vienna, 11th Diestrict
GMMK , Gert M. MAYR-KEBER ZT-GmbH. Wohnhaus Thuernlhof-West 2004

Due to the existing density of the development in the settlement area the volume of the structure connecting the southern and northern situated green spaces on the ground floor is applied in a permeable manner, whereby an expansion of the general green spaces is achieved. Apartments on the ground floor are deliberately renounced in favour of this consideration as well as the placement of additional facilities.

The thermally insulated planar configurated basic structure is plastically structured on the southern side by means of suspended loggias with varying size, depth or spacing, the demand of individuality of the tenant on the residential block is met, the individual apartment is communicated towards the outside.

By means of the largely 1.5-storey formation the number of storeys is conveyed to the outside in a reduced manner; the building gains the gesture of a six-storey house.

The higher allocated building elements are spatial, plastic addition to the basic unit, the roof-landscape as fifth façade is determined by the special attachment of the swimming pool.

In contrast to the south side, the north side is intended as a protected area, an enclosure so to speak, which conveys protection, calm and comfort as a perforated façade with minimalized window areas.

The east-west oriented structural element enables the orientation of the apartments towards south. At the planning stage this aspect is taken into consideration by means of placement of living spaces. In accordance with “room management”, which stipulates different ceiling heights for different uses, a majority of apartments gets assigned a 1.5-storey high living space.

According to the building code the sleeping spaces are planned as one-storey, partly “non-recreational rooms” are devised with lower height to create small dimensioned storage rooms accessible in a creeping manner.

The majority of apartments are assigned as “flexible” rooms. This room is assigned to one of each of the neighbouring apartments, even though it can also be used as an apartment-connecting room. This way maximum variability not only in the mix of apartments gets achieved, but also different forms of living (generational living, apartment-sharing, etc.) are possible.