2483 Ebreichsdorf
GMMK , Gert M. MAYR-KEBER ZT-GmbH. WB Kulturhaus Ebreichsdorf 2003

In the suggested compact structure the two-storey high event-hall is embedded in the other surrounding functional areas.

The room itself is generously opened towards the green area on the west side, whereupon a lightproof blackout-option is proposed.

The divisibility of the room as a whole in three parts is possible with the inclusion of the stage-area. In reverse - due to the flexible back-wall – the foyer can be directly incorporated for special events.

The lighting and acoustics are installed between the construction-elements of the ceiling on motorically lowerable trussed beams. The controls are operated via the engineering room integrated on the back-wall.

The foyer is arranged around the big event room in L-shape and makes it accessible from long- and front-side. Furthermore, by means of this figuration all secondary areas of the house are connected and accessible, too.

The east-western oriented broader main-area connects the main-entrance on the street side with the green space on the west side and therefore offers two different vistas.

For events that require all rooms of the house, this two-storey central room serves as an orientation space, which allows spatial overview by means of its visibility from all sides and by transparency.

On the south-eastern side of the building complex, oriented towards the street and the green space, a restaurant is planned which offers seats to about 100 people.

The youth-area is placed in the façade as a legible oriel on the first floor and advertises itself solely by its form and placement. Clearly readable in the façade is the use of the access-stairs as an architectural element and whereby the accessibility for the visitor is directly legible.

The building responds in manifold ways to the surrounding landscape, enters dialogue with it and in this way makes the surrounding green spaces an essential locational factor. For this reason – like in an English landscape park – the body of water supporting fringe of shore wood, as well as the tree backdrop on the street-side, become a part of the building-based free-space and will be connected via nature-like grassland, which in case of demand and claim of use can be kept lawn-like short area by area and temporarily as play and movement areas likewise.

Green Space Planning: Thomas Proksch