Vienna, 1st District
2003 - 2005
GMMK , Foto: Elisabeth Mayr-Keber , Gert M. MAYR-KEBER ZT-GmbH. Dachausbau Wipplingerstrasse 2003-2004

 Due to the historical cladding the fifth floor has no windows.The ornaments of the facade do not allow any changes even of architectual relevance. In order to cope with the lack of light, small oval openings were made as parts of the ornaments and roof lights have been placed indirectly, together with a generous vitrification towards the court yard of the building.

The vitrification climbs up to the attic floor, so that all offices have a wonderful view over the city and are perfectly illuminated. Sanitary rooms and staircases are planned with minimal height to bring down the ceiling of the gallery and therefore

lower the overall height of the attic extension.

The lower ceiling of the middle part is the gallery of the attic gaining light through the glass front of a barrel roof allowing a wonderful view of the surrounding rooftops.

A flight of winding stairs leading to the attic is the extension of the existing staircaise

while a new staircase outside the original corridor leads up to the gallery. The existing elevator will be extended to to the attic, rebuilt in a modern way to enable access also to handicapped persons.