1220 Wien
2011 - 2014
GMMK, Gert M. Mayr-Keber ZT-GmbH, Wohnhaus in Stadlau, 2011-2014, Photo: Elisabeth Mayr-Keber

The existing corner-plot of Familienwohnbau is bordered by Langobardenstrasse on the north-eastern side and by Aribogasse on the south-eastern side. The site offers a plot of circa 40x34 metres. The property can be seen as even, the level difference along the building lines amounts to 16 centimeters max.

Apart from the legally required intake-area, the construction of a basement for the whole property is planned. Alongside the storage- und engineering-rooms an underground garage offering 38 parking-spaces (35 car as well as 6 motorcycle and bicycle spaces each) will be created. The garage is accessible from Aribogasse via a single-lane ramp on the southern border of the plot.

The development of the building occurs along the northern face of Langobardenstrasse. On this side of the building the vertical main-access to the housing is located together with units with elevator and a central stairwell illuminated from the street-side.

The housing-units on Langobardenstrasse are made accessible directly from the main-stairwell, the ones on Aribostrasse and the maisonette-units along the court are made accessible through the first floor via a flat-roof and through the attic-floor via an open access-balcony.

On the ground floor beside the entrance-area a generous storage room for baby strollers and bicycles as well as a trash disposal room is assembled. The predominant part of the ground-floor is planned to be a business space. The access to these business premises is located at the corner-area of the building along a crossroad.

The undeveloped part of the inner-court will be horticulturally designed and is accessible to all residents. Additionally, in this area a playground for toddlers will be erected.

The housing-units on the first floor face either terraces or small gardens situated on the flat roof above the business space.